All workshops are by donation. Just show up. This is in keeping with Wordfest’s economic equity policy. Please support as you can on the tickets page. Thank you.

Rooftop Poets is cancelled due to construction.

Friday April 12

5:30-6:45 Community Screening of Nanette, Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave Boardroom

7:00 Storytelling Attic Salt 2002 Riverside Dr. Ticketed Event.


Saturday April 13

Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave

10-10:30 Coffee and Community in Boardroom


Byron Ballard: Mouth Like a Gravel Road  Room 230

Darrell Stover: Afrofuturist Poetics Room 232

DeBorah Shelton Ogiste: Your Parable, Your Journey Room 234

Barrie Barton: Story Choreography Room 315 (3rd Floor)


12:30-2:30 Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave Boardroom

The Geopoeticss Appalachia Reading and Panel Discussion with Mildred Barya, Nickole Brown, Jessica Jacobs, and Michael Hettich


3-4:30 Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave

Sharon Oxendine: Invitation to All My Relations to Walk the Broken Beauty Trail Room 230

John Evans: Pulling Weeds, Planting Flowers: Expressive Writing to Heal  Room 232

Brandon Amico and Luke Hankins:  Life of the Spirit in our Moment in History Room 234

Michael Hettich: To Sing the World: An Exploration of Wild Mind in Organic Form Poetry Room 218



Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center presents Mars Hill University and UNCA creative writing program students, hosted by Eric Steineger. Tickets at door only.


8:00 YMI Cultural Center

North Carolina Poet Laureate, Jaki Shelton Green with Midred K Barya.


Sunday April 14

10-10:30 Coffee and Community Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave


11-12:30 Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave

Marlisa Mills: Navigate Loss through Narrative Practice Room 230

Nickole Brown: Writing in the Age of Loneliness: Eco-Literature & the Writer’s Task Room 232

Kevin Evans: Passion and Intention Room 234

Phyllis Utley: Gullah-Geechi, Memory and Identity Room 218


1:00-2:15 Keynote Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville at 36 Montford Ave

Dr. Michael Newton, Scottish-Gaelic Scholar: Race, Whiteness, and the Celtic Myth of Appalachia


2:30-4 p.m.

Lisa Soledad Almaraz: Eartheart Alive, a Journey Honoring Nature and Ancestral Connections Room 230

Jessica Jacobs: Exploring Questions of Spirituality and Religion Through Poetry & CNF Room 232

Cara Forbes: Indigenous Futurism: Beyond Romanticism, Diving into the Modern World Room 234

Melody and Siya: Hip Hop and Healing Room 218


4:30-6 p.m. Poetry and Story Around Town

4:30-6 p.m. An Asheville Trolley Poetry Ride departs from Visitors Center at 4:30 p.m.

4:30-6 p.m. Launch of Madelyn Edwards’ novel, Lilly, in the Lenoir-Rhyne Boardroom.

7:00 p.m. Dinner with Laura Hope-Gill and Jaki Shelton Green and conversation: HOW WE LISTEN. Also, Preview of short film about Asheville Wordfest: Earth, People, and Words. Boardroom. $10 requested.