Noctilucent Creative

Laura Hope-Gill 

These rare and beautiful clouds, formed of ice crystals and meteor dust, appear in the mesosphere. Also called “night-shining clouds” they appear after midnight on summer nights. 

Noctilucent Creative celebrates creativity, community, healing, cultural renewal, and expansion of compassion toward a just world. Producing books, films, theatre, and festivals since 2008.

Founder Laura Hope-Gill has been working in the creative realms all her life, with a start in poetry and poetic thought nurtured by her grandparents and mother. Noctilucent Creative draws together her decades of experience learning and activating the creative process for balance in an exceedingly abstractive world. Her vision is to create–and help others create–authentic projects that draw us back to our humanity for all our vulnerability, inquiry, and intensity.

What is your idea? Noctilucent Creative will help you manifest it.