Rediscover the Earth, open a world.

–Kenneth White


Asheville Wordfest 10 at the Collider

April 2018 (Dates in process of becoming definite)


Bardic energy connects people to planet like no other force. When we are moved by the beauty of the earth, every one of us becomes a poet. When we read poetry we see the natural world in a new way. With time and revisiting, this translates within us into walking on the earth in a new way.


Poetry is memory of a time before science and art were separated. It is memory of a time before we were encouraged to destroy more than we create. It is memory of a time when language sought to bind us rather than tear us apart.


This year, Asheville Wordfest embraces Geopoetics, an international, transdisciplinary conversation that unifies the sensibilities, aesthetic and scientific. This festival merges the two, often disparately cast, entities in a wholeness we all recognize—for we are both art and science, spirit and matter.


Asheville Wordfest is delighted to partner with Scottish Centre of Geopoetics in Luing, Scotland, to bring Geopoetics to Asheville and WNC. Let the conversation be rich, complex, daunting, inspiring, and beautiful.


Poets soon to be announced.


Call for Papers and Workshops


Saturday of Wordfest will feature workshops, readings, panels, and papers in the classrooms at Lenoir-Rhyne Asheville. Submit your proposals by February 1, 2018. Please visit the webpage for Scottish Centre for Geopoetics and the International Institute for Geopoetics. Employ transdisciplinary practice in your exploration.  Poets, Artists, Scientists, Healers, Storytellers are all welcome to present. Email your proposals in the body of an email to