Asheville Wordfest 2020 is cancelled. Asheville Wordfest 2021 will take place April 22-24 exactly as you see it here! 




Geopoetics Appalachia launches the 12th Asheville Wordfesthast,  a weekend festival featuring workshops and classes and performances about creativity, community, healing, cultural renewal, and expansion of compassion toward a just world. 


AVL Wordfest 2020

We have more than thirty exquisite proposals for Asheville Wordfest. We have ten classrooms plus boardroom and rooftop ballroom at Battery Park. Spirituality, Witness-Bearing, Wellness, a panel of Cherokee and Lumbee Nations writers, Entrepreneurship for Creative Wonders, News and Poetry from the Mexican Border, Sacred Hindu Dance, Ecology, Poetry, Memoir, Fiction, Asheville and Global Social Justice, Grief, and Listening to Nature. See the schedule for the full festival.

AVL Wordfest 2020 is lovingly devoted to the healing of festival co-founder and dear friend, Glenis Redmond. Glenis was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in the late summer of 2019 and is currently moving through the healing process on multiple levels. ASHEVILLE WORDFEST has always been a festival of healing— healing of community, healing of city, healing of the split between self and soul. So, why not the healing of cancer, too? Who knows what community, love, and poetry can do when we all come together? The festival will once again bring together members of our community as teachers, listeners, and facilitators, all working together to create a local, beautiful, and enriching weekend grounded deeply in the spirit of creativity, community, mutuality, reciprocity, and kindness. These are the values that connect us through the ages to wild and beautiful forces. Join us for a weekend of their awakening as once again we write, transform, and connect as a community. During the festival, we will launch GIVE ME MY FLOWERS WHILE I’M LIVING: POEMS, LETTERS, AND ESSAYS, HONORING GLENIS REDMOND, a community project of love and delight and gratitude.


Glenis Redmond is grounded in many worlds: Poetry, The Teaching Arts and Imagination Activism. As a Poet, her feet are firmly planted on both the page and the stage. As a Teaching Artist, her educational reach extends into the classroom, where she teaches both students and teachers to open to their own poetry within. As a Spiritual Activist she uses the bright bloom of her heart and soul to unlock the doors of creativity in others.Glenis is an award-winning poet, author of Backbone and Under The Sun and a Kennedy Center teaching artist. She is also a dynamic performer of her work and has presented all around the country for both student and adult audiences.

As a poet-in-residence and she conducts a workshop for teachers on teaching poetry through our Kennedy Center Partners in Education program.

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